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RCA Church Planting Benchmarks Infographic

This infographic is a quick and easy way to reference the RCA Church Multiplication Team’s seven benchmarks and five-year goals for planting churches.

Questions and Answers about Second Campus, Satellite, or Multi-Site Ministries

There is a growing interest, not only in the RCA but in the wider Christian world, in second campus, satellite, or multi-site ministries. These titles all refer to similar concepts in ministry.

Risk Assessment Checklist

To promote physical health, individuals are encouraged to undergo routine, periodic physical exams. Churches should do the same thing--not just regarding their physical condition, but regarding their "legal" condition as well.

Church Planting Survivability and Health Study

These results of a survey by the Center for Missional Research reveal practical ways to help church plants survive and thrive.

RCA/CRC Parenting Church Webinars

Multiplication Moves: Determining Your Starting Point Multiplication…

MissionInsite Request Form

MissionInsite demographic reports are designed to help you and…

KEZ Videos

7 Critical Factors Parenting Pastors in Successful Parenting Pastors

Spiritual Foundation and Prayer Intercessors Sensitive…

Discipleship: How the Church Grows

Jesus Christ, the builder and head of the church, commands his followers to love one another (and the people in this world). We obey his commandment by continuing to expand the church through the growth of new disciples, teaching them to obey all of Jesus’ teachings. The local body of believers is a place of healing and hope, the storehouse of relationships through which God will satisfy our spiritual and emotional hunger.