Why We Need to Rethink Our Fundraising Model

Church plants in diverse communities often struggle to stay afloat. Amy Schenkel explains why our traditional fundraising model might have something to do with it.

Beechwood Church Plants and Projects

Learn about Beechwood Church's approach to church planting, and get to know the plants they're parenting.

A Bold Experiment

The Church Growth Movement in Central California Classis Not…
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Cross-town, Cross-Country, 'Cross the Pond


Living the Love: New Church Connects in Kalamazoo

Fabulous. That's the word pastor Wes Tillett uses to describe the launch of Voyage Church in September.
Fred and Ingrid De Jong speaking at the 2014 Flourish conference in Orlando, FL.

Building a Marriage to Survive Church Planting

Church planting is really hard work. And it's hard on marriages. Ours almost didn't make it.

The Harvest Vision

In 1995 a powerful vision for growth turned things around in Classis Central California, which was down to just 12 congregations. Through its harvest vision, the classis identified a calling to grow to at least 32 reproducing churches by 2020. It began with naming four “parent” churches, churches with the potential to launch new congregations.

The Power of a Parent

No one changes your life as deeply as a parent, and this is true of churches as well as people. A large part of the vision behind starting vibrant new churches is the conviction that mature churches should reproduce.