Discussing Theology and Social Justice at the Pub

Adapted from Ryan Miller, leader of Denver Pub Theology at The Table Community Church

The events in Ferguson and around the nation in 2014 and 2015 sparked a national debate about the status of race relations in America.

But where does the spiritual person belong in this conversation?

On August 24, people from a variety of faith walks sat across from one another at Epic Brewing Company in Denver, Colorado, to discuss this very question. Their conversation about race, reconciliation, and the theology behind the Black Lives Matter movement is just one of many discussions The Table Community Church, a Denver CRC church plant, has facilitated through its Denver Pub Theology program. A similar pub theology group is forming in Jenison, Michigan.

Consider hosting your own pub theology group as a way to facilitate discussions around social justice issues in your faith community. A brewery or pub is a location that may be less intimidating for new believers than more traditional church settings. The casual atmosphere makes these good places for people to discuss tough topics, digging into the Word and discerning what God calls us to do in response to these issues.

Be creative in your ways of getting people involved in conversation. Find the local hot spot and make a point of gathering regularly. You can also encourage your church plants to be part of a response, rather than just a reaction, in addressing social justice issues.

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