First steps require will and determination, whether it’s a toddler leaving the security prop of a mother’s knee or a first jog around the block in preparation to run a marathon.

We invite you to prayerfully look over these first steps toward creating church planting momentum. Choose a couple of initial options, take a step, and let us know how we can help and cheer you on.

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Start talking about it

  • Chronicle God’s faithful acts to you and your church since you launched and tell (retell) the stories of how God has provided and blessed.
  • Name the fears that keep you from moving forward in multiplication, and ask God to help you overcome them.
  • Talk to your coach about it.
  • Talk about multiplying with your leaders.
  • Read Planting Missional Churches, by Ed Stetzer, with your leaders.
  • Preach from multiplication texts in Scripture. (See 12 Multiplication Scriptures for ideas.)
  • Publicly announce to the congregation the vision to give birth to a new church.

Pray and listen

  • Pray that God will reveal an opportunity to multiply. Ask others to join you in this prayer. Offer these prayers in public worship.
  • Listen attentively to the Spirit’s nudging toward a location or people group.
  • Interview leaders from a young church that has planted a church and learn from them.
  • Review demographics to learn about a location you are sensing a call to reach. We can provide you free MissionInsite demographic reports. Click here for the form to request a report.
  • Prayer-walk neighborhoods where you feel led to plant.
  • Hang out and listen to people in the community you feel called to reach. Discover how the good news will most compellingly speak to their needs.
  • Interview public leaders in the community where you sense called to plant (mayor, police chief, superintendent of schools, business leaders, other pastors).

Look for Leaders and Partners

  • Listen for those who show passion for the vision to plant and who could rise up as champions. Devote extra time to discipling them.
  • Look for people who have gifts of apostle, prophet, evangelist, shepherd, or teacher.
  • Listen for other churches that may show interest in partnering with you.
  • Recruit a planter intern to work with you in your current church.
  • Form a church multiplication team.

Prepare Financially

  • Regularly set aside money for future multiplication.
  • Commit to an ultimate goal.
  • Draft a church plant budget and begin securing additional financial resources as needed.


  • Begin doing service and evangelism ministry in the identified community.
  • Adopt a timeline with measurable, accountable steps.
  • Challenge and release people from your church to go with the new plant.
  • Complete a New Congregation Plan.[link]

What first steps are you going to take? By when?

In order to move toward planting a church, what may you need to stop doing?