A parenting church:

Receives training on how to successfully establish a new congregation.

Is an empowering ally of and a directive partner to the launch and leadership teams of the new congregation. (Other churches, teams, or organizations can be supportive partners, but the parenting church takes primary responsibility, authority, and accountability for the new church’s direction and progress.)

Recruits, assesses, sends, and provides coaching for the lead planter.

Is a strong protector in both the natural and supernatural realms through prayer, advocacy, and communication.

Is a long-term partner that celebrates victories with the new congregation and continuously models health, growth, and reproduction through planting more churches.

Is coached by another leader or parenting church so it can fulfill its highest potential as a reproducing church, avoid common errors, and continue to empower (not control) the new church until it is mature enough to be self-supporting, self-governing, and self-producing.

Stories about planting and parenting

To learn more about parenting a new church, please call the RCA Church Multiplication office at (800) 968-3943. We would love to hear from you!