Identifying Next-Generation Church Planters: Six Key Traits

The next generation of planters might be sitting in your church this Sunday. John Alwood offers six tips for identifying these potential leaders.

Urban Planting: Two Truths and a Dare

Are you an urban planter? Check out the two truths and a dare that have shaped Keith Allen’s approach to planting in the city.


Bivocational Planting Webinar #2

Allen Kleine Deters, planter of The Bridge (CRC) in Niagara Falls,…

The Church Leadership Center

The Church Leadership Center (CLC) offers training to church…

The Need for Raising Up Leaders

“So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists,…

Why does the RCA need commissioned pastors?

The RCA developed the commissioned pastor designation in order to multiply pastoral leaders as a way to ensure the exponential multiplication of new church plants in the RCA.