Urban Planting: Two Truths and a Dare

Are you an urban planter? Check out the two truths and a dare that have shaped Keith Allen’s approach to planting in the city.

A Biblical Perspective on Funding Your Ministry

Funding a church plant isn’t easy; the Bible can help. Follow Paul’s lead with three financial strategies straight from the New Testament.

Why We Need to Rethink Our Fundraising Model

Church plants in diverse communities often struggle to stay afloat. Amy Schenkel explains why our traditional fundraising model might have something to do with it.


The Church Leadership Center

The Church Leadership Center (CLC) offers training to church…

RCA New Congregation Matching Grant Guidelines

A New Congregation Matching Grant is intended to build partnerships between churches, classes, regional synods, and the denomination to further the kingdom of God by providing resources to ministries that bring the good news of God's grace to a hurting world.

Funding Specifics

RCA church plants vary a lot in terms of the funds needed to start them.

Coming Up with the Money to Plant

In church planting there are times when money seems to fall out of the sky, but more often church planters and planting teams come up with the money through faithful teaching of Scripture, obedience to its teachings, and good and honorable practices.