Leadership Development: People and Capacity

Struggling to find leaders? Adrian Van Giessen thinks better leadership development is the answer.

Identifying Next-Generation Church Planters: Six Key Traits

The next generation of planters might be sitting in your church this Sunday. John Alwood offers six tips for identifying these potential leaders.

A Bold Experiment

The Church Growth Movement in Central California Classis Not…


RCA Church Planting Benchmarks Infographic

This infographic is a quick and easy way to reference the RCA Church Multiplication Team’s seven benchmarks and five-year goals for planting churches.

Church Planting Survivability and Health Study

These results of a survey by the Center for Missional Research reveal practical ways to help church plants survive and thrive.

Discipleship: How the Church Grows

Jesus Christ, the builder and head of the church, commands his followers to love one another (and the people in this world). We obey his commandment by continuing to expand the church through the growth of new disciples, teaching them to obey all of Jesus’ teachings. The local body of believers is a place of healing and hope, the storehouse of relationships through which God will satisfy our spiritual and emotional hunger.

What is a parenting church?

A parenting church is a church that initiates and guides a new congregation, helping and supporting the new body of disciples until it is self-supporting, self-governing, and self-reproducing.

The Harvest Vision

In 1995 a powerful vision for growth turned things around in Classis Central California, which was down to just 12 congregations. Through its harvest vision, the classis identified a calling to grow to at least 32 reproducing churches by 2020. It began with naming four “parent” churches, churches with the potential to launch new congregations.

The Power of a Parent

No one changes your life as deeply as a parent, and this is true of churches as well as people. A large part of the vision behind starting vibrant new churches is the conviction that mature churches should reproduce.