Discussing Theology and Social Justice at the Pub

Discover how The Table Community Church in Denver, Colorado, is bringing discussion about theology from the pews to the pub.

Leadership Development: People and Capacity

Struggling to find leaders? Adrian Van Giessen thinks better leadership development is the answer.

Identifying Next-Generation Church Planters: Six Key Traits

The next generation of planters might be sitting in your church this Sunday. John Alwood offers six tips for identifying these potential leaders.
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Cross-town, Cross-Country, 'Cross the Pond



The Church Leadership Center

The Church Leadership Center (CLC) offers training to church…

The Need for Raising Up Leaders

“So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists,…

Questions and Answers about Second Campus, Satellite, or Multi-Site Ministries

There is a growing interest, not only in the RCA but in the wider Christian world, in second campus, satellite, or multi-site ministries. These titles all refer to similar concepts in ministry.

Risk Assessment Checklist

To promote physical health, individuals are encouraged to undergo routine, periodic physical exams. Churches should do the same thing--not just regarding their physical condition, but regarding their "legal" condition as well.

Oversight Team Handbook

This governance handbook can help church-plant oversight or governing teams bring out the best in a planter, contributing to a stronger, healthier plant.

RCA/CRC Parenting Church Webinars

Multiplication Moves: Determining Your Starting Point Multiplication…