Become a Global Christian Host Congregation

Read about how one church is growing its ministry by sharing its space with another congregation. Is God is calling your church to become a host?

A Bold Experiment

The Church Growth Movement in Central California Classis Not…

KEZ Videos


Beechwood Church Plants and Projects

Learn about Beechwood Church's approach to church planting, and get to know the plants they're parenting.

Luminex Collaboratives

A Luminex Collaborative is a coalition of three to five churches who work together to build leadership capacity within their own congregations, develop a vision for church planting, and prepare a focused strategy for the flourishing of congregational vitality and missional engagement.

Questions and Answers about Second Campus, Satellite, or Multi-Site Ministries

There is a growing interest, not only in the RCA but in the wider Christian world, in second campus, satellite, or multi-site ministries. These titles all refer to similar concepts in ministry.

Risk Assessment Checklist

To promote physical health, individuals are encouraged to undergo routine, periodic physical exams. Churches should do the same thing--not just regarding their physical condition, but regarding their "legal" condition as well.

RCA/CRC Parenting Church Webinars

Multiplication Moves: Determining Your Starting Point Multiplication…

7 Critical Factors Parenting Pastors in Successful Parenting Pastors

Spiritual Foundation and Prayer Intercessors Sensitive…

Church Planting Landmines

Church planting demands great faith and hard work. It can squeeze…