Why I’m Bivocational

Read about how Allen Kleine Deters has found freedom and opportunities for evangelism in bivocational ministry.

How Do Bivocational Planters Impact our Movement?

More church planters are bivocational than ever. Amy Schenkel wonders what this means for the multiplication movement.

A Biblical Perspective on Funding Your Ministry

Funding a church plant isn’t easy; the Bible can help. Follow Paul’s lead with three financial strategies straight from the New Testament.


Bivocational Planting Webinar #2

Allen Kleine Deters, planter of The Bridge (CRC) in Niagara Falls,…

Questions and Answers about Second Campus, Satellite, or Multi-Site Ministries

There is a growing interest, not only in the RCA but in the wider Christian world, in second campus, satellite, or multi-site ministries. These titles all refer to similar concepts in ministry.

Get Organized: How to Organize a New Congregation

When a new congregation can govern and support itself and multiply leaders, disciples, and ministries, it’s ready to organize.